The Company

pi Mount, LLC was created to market and sell the most versatile and elegant charger mount available in the market today, the pi Mount. We are based in Dallas, Texas, and manufacture all of our products and packaging in the U.S.

The Product

iPhone charging on the floor

quote I came up with the idea for pi Mount while I was traveling on a family vacation. I woke up one morning and noticed my iPhone laying on the floor charging, right in the middle of the walkway between my bed and the doorway leading out of the bedroom. This was not the first time I had charged my iPhone by laying it on the floor, but something that morning piqued my interest. I began to think about how I could trip over it in the middle of the night and hurt myself. Or worse, I could damage my iPhone!

As I laid there trying to think of a good solution to the problem, I considered several different remedies. I could have plugged the iPhone charger into a different electrical outlet, but there were no other outlets in the room that were not obscured by furniture. I would have had to move a heavy cabinet or chest of drawers away from the wall, plug the charger in, and then move the furniture back against the wall. Even then I wouldn't be guaranteed a good resting surface for the iPhone.

Then, the idea for pi Mount came to me. Why not let the iPhone rest on top of the charger housing while it's charging? I jumped out of bed and propped my iPhone precariously atop the charger to test my idea. A few nervous seconds later, I realized that the charger could easily support the weight of the iPhone. I knew all I needed to do was design a little piece of equipment to do the job.

PiMount MockupAfter preparing and filing a patent application on the idea, I spent the next few months working on prototypes of what would ultimately become pi Mount. The first one was not pretty, but did demonstrate that the principle was sound. Subsequent prototypes inched us closer and closer to the product that is now available for purchase.

The pi Mount is a visually stunning, case-compatible, lightweight, travel-ready solution to a problem that many iPhone owners face. I believe pi Mount is the best iPhone charger mount solution on the market today, and after you try it, I think you’ll agree. quote

- James Gourley, Creator of pi Mount

Pi Mount mockups

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